MLM & Marketing Mentor


I love the network marketing industry, and have over 10 years combined experience in building and studying the MLM profession.

I know first hand how partnering with someone you resonate with, who has been where you want to go, is very powerful.  Back in 2007, when I was searching for a new company, I realized it wasn’t just about finding a distributor for the product I loved, but finding a mentor who could show me the ways that worked to build a profitable business as well.  I choose my first sponsor (who ultimately became my “internet marketing” mentor at the same time) because I knew that she was successful in building the same business I was interested in starting, and I also knew that she held the same values that I wanted to honor.  Family.  Lifestyle.  Excellence.  Fun.

Then I sought out mentors in the industry that could teach me other skills that I knew I wanted to build, like mindset and psychology of sales.  I’ll never forget the day that I was asked by BOTH of these mentors to privately study under them.  GOLDEN NUGGETS GLEANED FOR SURE!!!

It’s time to start a mentoring circle of my own.  I know the wisdom I’ve gained and my own talents/skills will be a fabulous combination for those who are serious about learning more advanced marketing and business skills.  Plus, I’m fun and have some super SAVVY tips to save you time and money!

I’ve been running into people who are not feeling like they have a strong support or guide in their upline.  I am sure you have felt this way at some point, knowing that if you could only learn a few key things, you would pass up your sponsor and start heading to the top.

*If you have an opportunity and need extra support, please consider joining my MLM Mentoring Circle, where I can best support you and others who are building just like you.  I want to be upfront and completely clear, I have a 100% no-recruit, I-Honor-You policy if you are already building a successful business with another company and would just want professional mentoring on the marketing and mindset of building a successful MLM team.  MLM Mentoring Circle with Me is the ultimate win/win!

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