Sep 282011
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My Personal Branding eBook

I am writing an e-book on branding for direct sales SUPERSTARS moving online to grow their business. Social media has created a great opportunity for connecting with friends, family and long lost people in your life. It’s great for business too. But more and more, we’re seeing the abuse of social media (mixing hype-y business with pleasure) and it’s hurting everyone. There is a GOOD way to blend your message to include both. Sign up for my preview list and I’ll let you know when it’s ready to go. If you are serious about branding yourself as a leader in your direct sales or network marketing business, you will want to get your hands on this!

Here are a few “quick tips” from my experience on branding:

  • Be authentic. If you love to sell, sell! If you love to teach, teach! Whatever you love…do!
  • Be transparent. Honesty and humility are appreciated. Don’t be afraid to be genuine and show you care.
  • Be cool. You are now open to receiving comments or feedback from all types of people. If you are easily provoked or offended, wait to answer a complaint or concern. Often times, it’s nothing personal. Everyone has opinions. Be cool. Stay true to YOU!
  • Be real. This is one of the biggest struggles for someone in sales or marketing. Keep it real from the start (not hype-y or exaggerant) and you’ll be golden.
  • Be sincere. If you mean it, it will show. If you don’t, yikes. Contradictions are killer and will show up with time. Being sincere is super-valuable. Don’t sell yourself short by saying what you “think” people want to hear.

Be true to YOU by branding your personality and you will SHINE!

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