Am I a published author?  Actually, not Y.E.T….  But I know I will be!

Have you ever written or posted something on your dream board, not knowing if it would be sooner or later, but knowing it would come true?

I wrote “Author” on my vision board a few years ago, and finally, in 2014, I see the vision of this coming true~!

I created this web page to be published & LIVE for 2 reasons:

First, because it keeps me accountable to the vision and dream I have of finally writing my own book.  It took a few years to shed the belief that I didn’t have a message that mattered.  Now, I am certain it does!

The second reason is that I want to honor the process of “allowing”…putting it out there and being open to it unfoldng in a beautiful way, in case it inspires you to write or post something that you want as well.

I know that my messege is within me, just waiting to be unleashed…and I know that an ebook might be the quicker way to get it out to you, but either way, you get priority pick!

If you are interested in a preview of my upcoming book:  “7 Secrets of a Direct Sales Superstar”, please email me at with the subject line “SUPERSTAR SECRETS BOOK” and I’ll send you the link to get yours as soon as it’s available.  (This is a you-saw-it-here-first offer…so thank you for stopping by!)

BUHRE Ebook render V2 HI 150x150 Author




AAaaaaahhhhhh!!!!   I did it!!!

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