Who is Chantelle?


Hey, my name is Chantelle.  Thanks for your time in looking into who I  am and what I might have to offer you.

Short & Sweet: I am authentic, savvy & a valuable resource.  I am especially passionate to work with solo-preneurs who are building an online business.   Of course, there’s more…but if you’re just curious, that’s the nutshell version.

I am passionate about supporting women, love to teach, have a good time and stay connected to the best of the best in my industry.

I am a digger:  always looking & learning about great leaders, tools, trainings, resources, etc.  And I pass on just the GOLD nuggets of what I find so you don’t have to work so hard!  If you are on my list, you know that already.  If not, get on it to find out!

I love business and the creative environment of being an entrepreneur.  A LOT.

Since my girls were young, I’ve found ways to be a work-from-home mom.  Starting out  following my passion for childcare, I quickly found that I loved the business side as well.  Since I started online in 1999, I’ve worked in a number of different avenues.

eBay advanced seller:  I spent 5 years selecting & selling top Quality name brand clothing, shoes and collectibles, with excellent feedback (100%) and customer service ratings (1999-2004)

Direct Sales Star: I love, love, love the sales and service side of this business model, and found team building to be an added and completely rewarding BONUS.  My customer base (natural wax candles) was  huge and our team was spread throughout 11 states in the  7 years that I was an active distributor.  (2004-2011)  I will likely jump back in and build another business at some point…but for now, I feel called to serve in a greater sense.  I am open to helping and supporting ALL direct sellers and network marketers and that feels RIGHT.

Internet Marketer:  In 2007, I was introduced to the real power & potential of internet marketing, and quickly fell in love with the business possibility to leverage my time and still make a great income. !  I have been studying it ever since, now excited about teaching you what I’ve learned along the way.  I’ve been mentored by many 6 & 7 figure income earners online and in person.

I am building an online business that gives me the freedom to work wherever I am…home, traveling, etc  I couldn’t be more excited to be creating my dream business out of what I love.

Since you’re still reading, you must be interested in how I can help you or what my “experience” has been to be qualified to teach you or serve you in some way.  To get a little more personal, let me share with you the CORE of who I am through my top 5 values. After all, if these don’t align with yours, we might as well say good-bye and good luck.  I want to honor your time as well as my own.

I am all about:

Connecting: heart-centered, sharing, aligned, respectful,

Personal development/learning: reading, courses, seminars, coaching, potential, possibilities

Service/contribution:  consulting, teaching training, mentoring

Creativity:  marketing materials, clarifying messages, 30 second commercials, savvy solutions, out-side-the-box-thinking, valuable perspective,

Spirituality:  connection, direction, guidance, comfort, peace, purpose


My favorite topics to study and teach are regarding mindset, marketing & your message…which is essentially what makes up your personal brand. Personal Branding is about being true to your OWN sense of self, your style.  Just like I can’t be anyone else, neither can you.  It’s not in the cards.  Do what you love and it will attract those who love what you do.    Attraction Marketing is tying together your value and how you share your value to bring potential prospects to you that feel like they already know you, like you and trust you…and are often even ready to do business with you or partner with you because of your authenticity and VALUE.

Mindset:   how you think and how you are supposed to think to be successful in business are often worlds apart.  I will help clarify this through examples and some pretty awesome case studies (thanks to my spotlight stars!)

Marketing:  although this is a broad topic and there are many paths to go down, the point is that in marketing yourself and your business, (yes, every time you speak) marketing is a message:  and you HAVE to know a few key things before you can be effective with your marketing efforts…online or offline.    I’ll go into this with examples throughout my posts.  It’s so important!

Branding:  (my favorite!)  knowing FIRST exactly who you are (strengths, talents, gifts, style, passions, vision, desires…) and then who you want to work with (idea client traits, characteristics, needs, etc) and THEN how you will bring that message to your target market is such an important piece in your business.  Branding is the “message”…pieced together, stirred up and presented in an authentic package called “YOU. Inc”.   It’s your business.  It’s your style.  It’s your voice.  And it feels soo right when you get it nailed down because it’s you.

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